I Saw a Rainbow






One day a friend was throwing out some of his grandfather’s old saws. I hated the idea of them just going into the land fill, so I told him if he wanted, I would take them and do a painting on one of them for him. As they say “and that was the start!”. I like the character of the old saws and the more wear the better! I clean them up, remove the rust unless I want to keep the rust as part of the art, and prepare them like I would prepare a car for painting. I then do my painting in Acrylic, and then varnish or clear coat the whole saw. I have done custom paintings for a number of people and clubs. I have done a number of these saw showing the life cycle of the salmon on larger bucksaw for a local fish hatchery.

If you are interested in any of my paintings, want to check any new ones I am working on, want a custom painting or just want to give an old saw a good home, give me an email. To arrange a viewing, ask questions, arrange the purchase or order a custom built unit, please contact The Saw Artist at SawArtist@gmail.com.

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