COVID-19 Virus – What the Hatchery is Doing!

Hello everyone,

Hoping that this finds you well both in body and spirit. 

The directors realize that the COVID-19 virus has affected all our lives.  How we have had to operate in our daily lives has changed and a lot of those changes will be in place for some time to come. COVID has also affected how we need to operate at the Hatchery. Thus this document that you find attached to this e-mail.

Due to the virus, the directors have put this document in place for the Hatchery. The purpose to provide us all with the guidelines on how we can keep each other safe if we need to be at the hatchery.

A few points to note:

  • We cannot be using the cutlery, dishes, mugs, coffee pot or kettle at the hatchery.  So, if you are on site, you will need to bring you own food & drink items with you.
  • Please note the minimum people in each room of the building

·         I will be placing a laminated copy in the hatchery above the sign in/out book. 

·         Greg Buchan will be cleaning the bathrooms weekly – on weekends. THANK YOU GREG!!

·         Cleaning products in the bathrooms are now the Government COVID approved cleaning products.  I will keep them stocked at this time. Please do not bring any others.

·         Currently have two spray bottles with Lysol at the hatchery.  These are labelled.  One in main building and one in maintenance building. 

·         I have found large containers of Fantastic, another government approved multi-surface cleanser.  Patricia has some more spray bottles, so those will be filled with this product, labelled, and ensured that there is a bottle in each room in the hatchery. They should be at the hatchery by the weekend. Any suggestions on best storage location?

·         Hand sanitizer is available on the sign in/out desk.  It is labelled.  The AG smells lovely 😊.   Another bottle of this is in the maintenance building. The spray one is for those who want to smell manly of beer hops and only available in the main building.  I will keep hand sanitizer stocked.  Yes, will have some more at home ready to take to the hatchery when needed.  Do not want any bottles to go walk about.

Keep safe and enjoy your day!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Lesley England


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